Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Really rioting over this.

OK, even though I am a police officer, I understand where there might be a situation where some group of people might want to address a complaint by going to the streets of california (I didn't capitalize it on purpose because it is an improper noun) and rioting. Some things that come to mind that might instigate such a righteous riot:

stolen welfare check
stolen or missing food stamps
high on PCP
high on Methamphetamine
religious persecution
firearm persecution
out of pork rinds at the local stop and rob
my hos missing money
or heaven forbid The Mozz passes away.

But really folks, your hometown team wins and you take to the streets, tearing down trees and signs so you can build fires in the roadways? You start to throw stuff at the cops to the point of injuring them and causing severe damage to equipment payed for by your own tax money. Or tax money that you didn't pay. Wow. This is further evidence that an earthquake of biblical proportions should strike californias (again not capitalized) major fault lines, hopefully separating you from the rest of the country.

P.S. Please take new york and whatever state al gore is in at the time of said earthquake with you.


jason said...

I hope it is bearded Al Gore. He is my favorite of the set.

Kimber said...

Oh Sam. Take Tom Hanks too please.